Thursday, August 15, 2013


It is fitting that we do a post on Cody today. Today starts the craziness here that is the Solheim Cup and who has been right in the middle of the work to get ready for the cup? Cody! Cody is still getting up before the sun and before school to work at the course getting it ready for the big event. Probably the biggest event that Parker has ever seen.

With the studio not too far south of the course I have already seen the news trucks going up and down Parker Road. Kind of exciting! But....back to Cody!

Cody loves to snowboard and we got some great images with and without his board. From the hits and comments I received on my facebook page after his sneak peek went up there.....I'm thinking Cody is pretty well liked at school too.

So great to meet you Cody. It's always fun to see the differences and similarities between the siblings that we have been photographing this summer! Have a great senior year!

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