Monday, November 18, 2013


Matt is from Regis and had the honor of being our last 2014 senior that we photographed this year.  We had photographed his sister a few years back and got to catch up with his mom on how she and his sister had been doing. Sounds like Matt is considering the same successful path that his sister is! A couple of smart kids to be sure!

I loved all of Matt's clothing choices and especially loved that there was meaning behind each of the choices. Too much to elaborate here, but some great stories! I especially loved hearing all about Matt's running adventures in Hawaii when he brought out his cross country uniform! Such cool stories and such a cool senior! Cool in more ways than one, as it was VERY cool, actually COLD, for Matt as we photographed him in his running gear with the sun was setting and the temperature dropping!

So great to meet you Matt! I have no doubt of your successful future! Good luck with your senior year!

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