Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Roundup River Ranch Reunion | Parker, CO Event Photos

Every year....well, at least the past two years, my son has attended a wonderful camp up by Vail, Colorado called Roundup River Ranch. Founded by Paul Newman, Roundup River Ranch is a camp where kids with chronic and life threatening illnesses can enjoy the joys of childhood.....for free. Yes, free.

No one wants to have a chronic or life threatening illness. I know Ryan would surely prefer not to have the tumors that invade a lot of his body. However, it you do have an illness like Ryan has, or many of the other illnesses that kids that attend RRR have,  Roundup River Ranch makes you feel a bit more like the kids that don't have an illness.

You can read more about Ryan's first experience at Roundup River Ranch here. After his first experience at camp I thought for sure that his second year wouldn't be able to compare to the joyful, happy boy that returned to me the first year. However, guess what? He said his second year was even better!! I seriously cry every time he comes home from camp and tells me about his experience. In fact, whenever I even talk about it I get teared up. This place and it's people are truly magic.

Due to privacy reasons I couldn't share a lot of the photos from the reunion event at Children's Hospital a couple weeks ago. But, I can share a few of the wonderful staff and some other candids. Thank you Roundup River Ranch and it's staff for making such a difference in kid's lives.

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