Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Dear Blog....It's Been Awhile....Part Two

So, Tanja and I came back from St. Louis and back from our photography conference (the ride home was another story that will live in the good memories part of my brain forever....so much laughter!). We both started working hard on our respective model programs.

I was prepared for the best year ever for the Class of 2015! We had some amazing models lined up.  We were running some fun contests for some creative shoots that the models were competing to win! And, they did win! And, the creative shoots were SO much fun with some great images!

Tanja came to Parker for our group model day and we had a FULL day photographing 16 models and LOTS of looks! Starting with hair and makeup, we then had lots of great food and both photographed some fabulous images from our all day Senior Around the World Model Tour. The models received a travel case with t-shirts and all sorts of other goodies!

Slowly, I started releasing images from the group Model Day and the Creative Sessions to build interest in the program and get Class of 2015 excited about senior portraits before leaving for a trip to LA.

And then.......well,  Part Three is next.....and, spoiler alert...it's not so happy.

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