Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tyler and Angela Engagement

 There are my kids....And then there are my "other kids".  Kids that can walk in our front door any time without knocking because they know they are family. Kids that we cry with when they are troubled and rejoice together in their successes. Kids that, even though they are not kids anymore, I hope will always be a part of our lives. Tyler is one of those kids. The big older brother that my kids can go to for advice. And now, he's getting married!

He's getting married to Angela. A beautiful girl that we have known and treasured for years. Both Tyler and Angela's families have been such a godsend and support to us over the years, especially when it came to Ryan's NF.

We had such a fun time on their engagement session, catching up and hearing about the wedding plans on a picture perfect fall day.  I came out of a temporary retirement for this one!

And speaking of retirement...or, lack there of....we have a date for "the big announcement" of my business....Watch for it October 21st! Tyler and Angela already know, but are sworn to secrecy, just as I am sworn to secrecy about some of their wedding plans! After all, we are family. Love you both...

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