Saturday, April 30, 2016

St. Baldrick's | Shave the Mayor | Parker, CO

 At the fabulous Vehicle Vault in Parker...

 Some "Shavee's" and their adoring fans...

 The Mayor's son!

 The Fearless Leader...

Love our Model Whitney and her Sister...such good hearts!

 And.... the hair and all shavee's at the end of the event.

This year,  our Class of 2017 Senior Models are not only doing styled photo shoots, but they are also volunteering for community service projects.

Our first community service project was in February.  Headshots for Heart, was a day where we had a head shots day at the studio and all proceeds went to the American Heart Association.

Our Senior Model Whitney's family always participated in a big way with the annual St. Baldrick's Foundation Shave the Mayor Event.

This year, I helped photograph, and a few of our models, including Whitney and her sister (a future MKP Model maybe?) helped in other ways.  What a treat it was! St. Baldrick's raises money for pediatric cancer by having individuals raise funds to shave their heads in support of the kids that have cancer. So many pediatric cancer patients lose their hair during Chemo, including our good friend and 2016 Senior Dalton. 

The event was held at the fabulous Vehicle Vault in Parker. This facility is amazing, with the coolest cars! It serves as a museum, as well as an event center. I can SO see some of our seniors having a prom there in the future!

We witnessed many braves souls shave off all their hair. I especially loved the women and children. Many mom's told me their kids had gone to the event a year earlier and decided they wanted to help  this year. Love that!

With some food in our bellies and after witnessing many heads shaved by local salons that donated their time and talents, including Rooster's, Sahair, Fantastic Sam's of Parker and Stacey James Salons... the event ended with the Mayor of Parker having not only his head, but also his beard and mustache shaved!

Every year the Mayor raises some money for St. Baldrick's by having a contest as to what color his hair should be dyed before the event. This year, the winning color.......Bronco blue and orange of course!

I  do so love that I live and work in a town with such heart shown by not only the community, but also by it's leaders. Can't wait until next year.


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