Friday, January 27, 2017

Derek | PonderosaHigh School | Class of 2017

 I bet you started to think that we only photographed girls, right? Wrong! Love photographing guys! And, if you ask some of the guys we photograph they would say it was fun.... or at least not as bad as they thought it would be.

Derek was awesome to photograph! His favorite sport? Well, Basketball of course! And, his senior questionnaire reads like someone devoted to his sport... favorite place to shop? Footlocker. Best part of high school?  Playing in Basketball games. Favorite quality about himself? Good at Basketball. Something he is looking forward to after graduation? Playing basketball in college. Something he planned to do in senior year? Get a basketball scholarship. Well, Derek we are hoping all your basketball dreams come true. We sure did LOVE photographing your basketball, new letter jacket and YOU! You are so great looking and charming.  And, so is your amazing mom who I know loved these photos!

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