Friday, January 06, 2017

Madi | Ponderosa High School | Class of 2017

It's Maddie's Birthday! A perfect day for a blog post about her! Madi was one of our Class of 2017 Senior Models from our Team Seventeen. And she LOVES photos! In fact, she gets the distinction of being the model member that was at the most styled shoots!

Besides modeling and being in photos, Madi loves dancing and is a member of the 2016 CHSAA State Jazz Champion Ponderosa Poms. Her dream job is being a Bronco Cheerleader or Rockette. She also loves riding horses and being outdoors. And.....her favorite video game is something we know a lot about at our house, Mine Craft!

So, we are wishing our wonderful, beautiful model member Madi and happy, happy, birthday... a happy new year... a happy graduation.... a happy 2017! It's your year Madi! Make it the best!

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