Friday, February 10, 2017

Madi | Douglas County High School | Class of 2017

Whaaaat?!! I haven't done a blog post about Madi yet? Well, now. is. the. time!

Madi was a member of our Class of 2017 Team Seventeen Model Crew. I had taken her photos for years as part of the Douglas County Poms Team. She decided to leave poms because she was really involved in 4 H and bought a cow. Yep, a cow. We tried to schedule some senior photos with her cow, but it didn't work out. It would have been SO much fun though! I love animals as much as Madi!

We did get some photos with her mom, and some great western photos at the barns we sometimes photograph at. The barns are the best at showing Douglas County and our (rapidly decreasing) rural lifestyle.

Although, I don't own a cow like Madi. I do LOVE the rural lifestyle and love the photos we get of seniors showing off all of the open fields, flowers and even barns in our little part of Colorado. Loved doing your photos Madi and meeting your wonderful mom and aunts!

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