Thursday, May 18, 2017

These girls.....are everything. Thank you Team Seventeen

I have a connection with every senior I've photographed over the past twelve years. But, my senior models... especially this year... are special. We get to really know each other over the year with multiple photo shoots, community service, meetings and meals (especially dessert!).  I rejoice in their accomplishments and silently cry with their struggles.

This was a special year. A come back year. I had so many insecurities after only working part time for the past two years and wondered if I was getting to old or still "cool" enough to work with seniors. These girls boosted my self confidence, and were downright beautiful, kind and amazing all year.

I will be seriously crying with pride, and a little sadness, as I attend their graduation parties and watch them move on in life. But, I know, thanks to social media and the connections I've made with some of their parents that I will be privy to the great things they will do with their futures.

So congratulations again Class of 2017, and especially Hailey, Keri, KJ, Madi G, Madi H., Megan, Mackaela, and Whitney. Love you all so much!

And to the Elite Eighteen girls have big shoes to fill, but I have every confidence that you will be just a fabulous! Can't wait to follow the your life and senior year journey!

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