Thursday, June 14, 2007

Everyone Knows...

I'm a fan of the no smile.....or hint of a smile, but.........Jenny's smile is so happy, and so beautiful, that her full out smile is my favorite! Jenny, her mom, and I, battled wind all morning, but we got some good ones.

I've known Jenny for a while, but what I didn't know is that Jenny has written a book. Not just a story, but a full out, over 200 page, book! What an accomplishment! Something I've always aspired to do, even started a few times, but never got far. And I've got years on Jenny! Be proud of yourself Jenny. It really is a very cool thing. Especially, when you are keeping up the grades that you do, and the activities.

What a way to kick off the '08 seniors, by continuing in the tradition of outstanding seniors. It was fun girls! Can't wait to finish the proofs for you!

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