Wednesday, July 18, 2007

ANOTHER great senior, and a before and after

Ryan found me as a referral, that came from a referral. Isn't word of mouth wonderful? Anyway, Ryan is pretty wonderful as well. On the varsity soccer team for all four years and smart as anything. I'm still amazed at those AP scores Ryan!! Wow! It was great getting to know his mom and sister as well. You guys were great assistants!

I thought I would take this post to show a before and after, and a little of what I'm talking about when I say I'm when busy proofing and editing. Almost every photo I take goes through a process where I tweak color, crops, clean up stray hairs, and a host of other things. I thought I'd try a little creative crop on this one of Ryan. Quite a difference from the original, huh?
So anyway, thought I'd show everyone why it takes a little longer to see proofs in the galleries, and why I've been so hard at work lately, with the onslaught on the senior season. I'm busy making everyone look fabulous, although Ryan is doing a pretty good job on that all on his own. Looking good Ryan!

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