Monday, July 16, 2007

Horse Pictures!

Well, and girl pictures too. This is Sarah. Ever since Sarah's mom called me, and asked if we could do portraits with her horse, I've been excited. And... it was so fun!!! Except now I want to go riding! Her horse, Fozzy, was awesome. I just loved him, and loved Sarah too. She's living the high school years I always pretended about when I was a little girl. Riding, competing, and hanging out with her horse, and her riding friends.
However, I was really excited to show her mom the other side of Sarah. You see, Sarah isn't really known as a girly girl. But, you couldn't tell that from the second two pictures. It shows another side of Sarah a lot of people don't get to see. And boy is she gorgeous! I knew when we were taking these that they would be good. I kept telling Sarah, "I can't wait to show your mom!" So what do you think Eileen? I've got to tell you, your daughter is wonderful! And Sarah, I was serious about going to your next competition, so you'd better tell me when it is!

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