Sunday, August 26, 2007


As part of the information I send out on clothes choices to my seniors, I tell them that simple is best. To try to avoid plaids and stripes, so that the focus is on them, not their clothes. I bet they didn't know, that I follow those same rules, when I'm deciding where to shoot, and with what outfit, for just the same reason.
Lindsey brought some great clothing choices. I loved how her green top set off her beautiful green eyes, so I put her in the green grass, and the green plants, for #1 and #3 here. Voila, the focus is all Lindsey. Same with the gray. And the yellow. I'm not a big prop person, but if we use a prop, like the flower here, it's pretty simple. I've been blessed with such beautiful clients, like Lindsey here, there's no need to take any of the focus off them! So, just like I love a close crop, I love simplicity just as much. Thanks Lindsey and Anne for a wonderful (if not hot) morning!

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