Saturday, August 04, 2007

There's a special place in my heart......

....for those, like Amanda, that are thinking about majoring in Journalism, because that was my major! Although, I'm using my minor in graphic design a lot more these days, I still LOVE to write. (Hence, the blog!) Ask me about my college photography classes sometime. Now that's a good story! But for now, we'll talk about Amanda.
Amanda was a referral, although I've done some photos at a party of her. Don't you just love her glorious hair? It was the thing I remembered most from the party. I forgot what beautiful eyes she also had. Green, but they look really blue in the first photo when she's wearing blue. They just capture all sorts of light and look great in photos. Amanda was yet another great senior this summer. Kudos to all these kids and their parents who helped get them to this point!

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