Sunday, August 05, 2007

I Was Telling Courtney's Mom......

...that yes, there are a lot of images, but once you start sorting through them, it's really not that hard to decide. There seems to be a few, that really stand out, and that you really like. Well, this time I might be wrong. I couldn't even decide which ones to put up here! She picked just the right clothes, and we picked just the right settings, and we got some great images!
I've known for a while what an awesome girl Courtney is and really quite brillant. Yes, another with both brains and beauty. Today, I got to know her mother a little better. Just loved her, and could see us becoming great friends, over the next year, as our girls complete their senior year. Another fun shoot, and another great memory, as I finish up the summer of seniors. I am still not ceasing to be amazed by these fabulous kids!

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