Monday, August 06, 2007

Yep, It's About the Eyes Again.

But look at Jill's! I think somebody said, okay if you have awesome eyes, call up Michelle at Michelle Kroll Photography for your senior pictures, because I sure got my share of girls (and guys) with great eyes this summer! Jill picked just the right colors to accent those eyes too. We got to shoot a little in her neighbor's gorgeous garden, then came back to the studio for a few on the porches.
I've known Jill for a few years now, but it was fun to get to know an almost all grown up Jill and talk to her about her plans for the future. That's my favorite thing about being a senior photographer. Finding out all about what these great kids are planning for their senior year and beyond. I hope a lot of them will drop me a line on email, Facebook, or Myspace, and keep me up to date on how those plans progress. You too, Jill! I'll be keeping in contact to find out what school wins out!

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