Tuesday, August 07, 2007

And now...Justin!

Tall (very tall at 6'5"!), athletic, handsome, personable, and oh so smart. This guy has got it all, and has some great plans for his future. Knows what he wants to do, and is taking steps towards achieving those goals. I'm thinking a bunch of these seniors could teach us adults a few things!
However, as much credit as I give these kids, I also have to give some credit to their parents. They are there supporting them, leading them, teaching them, and loving them. I know for a fact, this is the case with Justin. His family and ours were friends years ago, and have recently run into each other so much, because of our kids, that we have renewed our friendship. I am SO glad about that! They are awesome! I can't wait for this fall! You'll know us, because we will be the ones yelling the loudest in the stands at the games. Thanks for helping today Robyn. And Justin, you are truly an outstanding guy. I think I've told your mom that a few times already!

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