Thursday, August 09, 2007


Adorable was the one word I could think of to describe Courtney. She's just so cute, and has such a bubbly personality, she's just so, so, .....adorable! And of course she has the eyes, that I guess you have to have to come here now, since everybody does. Gorgeous and oh so blue! This has definitely been the summer of blue eyed blondes!
I also have a new "Pose That Looks Good on Everyone". It used to be the peeking around the column. That's still a good one, in fact it's going to be featured in my Hub next week, but you can read about it today here:
(Thanks again for that Bonnie!) But now it's the sitting in the corner looking up one, like the first one here. Love this pose!
Courtney's mom has been a godsend this summer, tutoring my son. She is so wonderful with him and he just loves her. She was also a great assistant today. I thought I would show her in this post what a difference a crop can make to a photo. The last two photos are the exact same image. The second is just cropped way in. Just another thing I'm doing when I say I'm proofing or editing all the time. Getting your images to look their very best and give you lots of choices!

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