Monday, October 08, 2007

Another Side of Tyler

Tyler was helping me out with some new pose ideas and to get some portraits for his mom. Wound up that I didn't like most of the new poses that we tried....although the cowboy hat one here is one...but we did show a new side to Tyler. Anyone who knows him, knows that Ty always has a smile on his face. He is almost always positive and happy. However, in these photos we got to show Tyler's more serious side. Or, as my daughter calls it, his "Bad" look. I didn't know exactly what she meant when she said it. Is that a good thing, I asked? Yes, that's a good thing. She liked them.
It was nice catching up with what Tyler's been doing in college. He's loving it and doing great. I also got seranaded while shooting, as well. Loved that! Tyler is sure getting good on that guitar! Thanks for helping me out Tyler. Sorry we didn't get to do the ones in jeans, but the rain kind of held us up. We'll get to those when we do ones with your mom in the spring. Keep up the good work at school!

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