Monday, October 01, 2007

Classic Beauty

When I look at Brittany I see that classic beauty like that of Audrey Hepburn. And yes, these were the hardest decisions yet. First I narrowed it down to 26. Then 20, that I edited ( I usually only edit four or more for the blog on the first edits) , then suffered through picking five for the blog. It was hard!!! However, I'm so excited to show Brittany and her mom that I'm going to put up her gallery, on the proofing site, with the 20 blog edits right away. So Janice and Brittany, you get a bigger "sneak peek" than normal!
Brittany's family really gave me my start in my business. I had shot only one senior and was considering starting a business, when Janice asked me to shoot some houses they had built. Gorgeous homes! The photos appeared in a builder magazine and I got a free ad. The rest snowballed from there.
So a big thank you to Brittany, Janice, and the rest of their family. It's been great working with you. It was nice to catch up, and find out Brittany's plans for the future. With her looks and talent...yes ANOTHER talented, smart senior here....I know she will do great!

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