Tuesday, March 25, 2008

You'd Never Know...

...by looking at these pictures of Eli how cold it was getting outside! She truly had to do the model thing and look gorgeous even though I'm sure she was freezing. As you can tell, she did a stellar job! She looks awesome! The first one I liked so much, as soon as I took it, I had to show her mom (who was in had coat with gloves at the time) in the back of the camera. The last ones were really her model ones in an adorable new dress she had. I had to show a cropped version, and a super cropped version, just so she could see how one picture can look different because of the crop. I usually tell seniors to bring solids so as not to distract from their faces, but I also tell them that if there is something they like that breaks the rules to bring it because sometimes those are the best ones. Her new outfit broke the rules but also turned out to be some of my very favorite! Sometimes breaking the rules works very well.
Eli and her mom were awesome. Her mom did the best job ever of not letting me forget that gray card. Oh, and the places these two have been.........I can only dream. I could talk to them for hours! Thanks for getting me back into the swing of things gals after a long, cold winter!

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