Thursday, April 24, 2008

Woefully Neglected!!

Nope, not these girls. They are not neglected at all! But my blog, that's a whole 'nother story! So, here's a few from some recent sessions. Jenna needed some headshots for a dance audition she did. Guess what, she made it!! She's so excited! Do you think anyone can resist her adorable smile. I don't think so!
Brittany is having a way to fun unique birthday party. The people over at Potestio Bros. Equipment in Parker ( were oh so nice to let us shoot there. And Brittany's dad REALLY wanted to take home yet another tractor, but made due with some t-shirts this time!
Right now, I'm up to my ears in '08 wallet orders for graduation and prom pictures coming up soon. But....after this weekend I switch to '09 senior mode! Watch the blog for updates on senior specials soon.

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