Friday, July 25, 2008

More Goats, but bubbles too, and an awesome location!

Yes! More Goats, but just the regular kind this time. Angela has been around since just about the beginning of my business. You've probably seen her in some of my marketing materials, or the newspaper, or somewhere around town. Like me, she likes to stay busy! Her mom knows of this super awesome place that we were lucky enough to shoot at today. Complete with goats! It was a blast, and I could stay there all day. You know Bonnie, how I told you that there were certain images that stand out, and it would be easier than you think to pick? I lied. There's some really, really, good ones. You will have plenty to pick from for Angela's senior pictures and to add to her modeling portfolio.
We had a blast today playing with bubbles, poses, locations, and goats! I'm starting to think a goat should be the mascot of my business! Thanks so much Bonnie and Angela. Love, love, love you guys!

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