Thursday, July 24, 2008

Some Seniors You Just Instantly Like

Andrew was one of those guys. I don't know if it was his easy going manner, or that hint of fun that was just bubbling to get out, but Andrew is just one of those guys you just gotta like. That's a great deal of what I love about my job. The people I get to meet. Maybe these kids are on thier best behavior for thier senior pictures, but they are awesome. And so are their parents. Andrew brought his mom and dad.....a referral from another great family (see Nick below), and we spent the hour just talking, shooting, and making Andrew look great. It didn't take much.
Anyway, I'm really trying to show at least one smiling one on the blog because I know that's what parents like. Heck, when I did senior pictures of my own daughter, I liked the smiling ones best! But I know those kids like those non smiling ones so I'm trying to even it out! Hope you like them Nick! You are a great guy!

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