Monday, July 21, 2008

I Gotta Tell You...

I love this particular shade of blue that Eddie has on! I always go on and on about blue eyes and how beautiful they are, but brown eyes have such a gorgeous reflective quality about them. Especially when they are such a deep dark brown like Eddie's. He looks so great with his blue shirt and those great brown eyes!
I thought I would show two totally different looks here. The first two are the fun, close, quirky, crops that I love so much. The second two are the more traditional ones that the yearbook usually wants. Funny thing is, all these photos started out pretty much the the more traditional. I just added a little photoshop, and an artistic touch, and I have a totally different look.

Anyway, I loved catching up with Eddie's mom today. (I swear I do photo shoots for the social aspects alone!) Finding out everything their family has been up to in the past few years. My daughter is following hers, off to CU in the fall. Johanna and I have the same CU stickers in the back windows of our cars.
Go Buffs!!!
Great to see you guys again!

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