Sunday, July 06, 2008

Road Trip!

Okay. So not really a road trip this year. Due to rising gas prices it was an airline trip. However, that's besides the point. I just got back from Ohio where I was fortunate enough to attend a senior photographers workshop but more importantly, visit with my sister and my niece. Isn't she adorable? We went to these beautiful gardens, and while dodging the rain that kept threatening to ruin out photo shoot, did get quite a few good ones!
My sister is the best hostess and took great care of me. I also got to meet a few photographer friends that I had only known online before. And of course, the whole reason for the trip....attended a fabulous workshop! It is SO green and shady in Ohio. Something we are not used to here in arid Colorado. Makes for great photography! However, the reason for the green, all that moisture, is something I'm also not used to! It was fun to have the opportunity to photography someplace new! Thanks Teri, Tony, and Molly, for the hospitality, and thanks Lane for a great workshop!

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Molly's Mom said...


You took my breath away. You really captured the essence of Molly's spirit! The pictures are amazing. I am so lucky to have a sister that is so talented.

We really had fun having you visit us and miss you terribly.

Thanks for the photoshoot, the friendship and the memories of our week together.

Love you!

Your sister