Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Starting with Megan

I say starting with Megan, because Megan and her friend Kelly did their senior pictures together. I just got to editing Megan's first but Kelly's will come later tonight!
I could say all sorts of nice things about Megan and her mom. They have been family friends for years. In fact, Sarah has been my parner in crime in photography these past few years and we've been shooting side by side for all sorts of things. Megan and Sarah are both so awesome! Don't know what I'd do without them.
But anyway, isn't Megan just gorgeous? The third one down, we were doing a thing called freestyling. It's where the kids come up with some poses and I just shoot. Megan was pretty darn good at it. The last one, I know Megan didn't really like this pose and doesn't really like the serious look, but I think it's gorgeous! Just like a fashion model. And with Megan's height, looks and gorgeous hair....she really could model. Okay, not off to work on Kelly's!

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