Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Eve and I Share a Love......

A love of movies! Eve loves the theater and has been quite involved in theater at her high school. In fact, she's thinking about doing something with film, as a career, after high school, in editing or directing. She told me about a film school in Denver. I never knew! And definitely something to think about for a possibility for my son, who also loves theater and movies. See, the things you learn at senior sessions!
I love Eve's hair. The first one shown here is my favorite because the colors are so beautiful and vibrant. It was a pose Eve had seen in the blog, and wanted to do. It looks so good on her! I'm so glad she said something and we got it shot. The last one I wanted to show her because she was a bit reluctant to do one without her glasses, but look at her beautiful eyes! Now don't get me wrong, I love her fun glasses and they are so her, but without her glasses she looks great too. It was great to get to know you Eve, and your mom, and thanks for all the school info and good movie tips. I'll be making some new Netflix selections this week!

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