Saturday, August 09, 2008

There Is a Division......

There is a division within the senior photographers I know on whether or not they like "stuff". I am among those that love it. I tend to shoot pretty simply. Simple clothes, simple backgrounds. That is so the focus is on the senior. So, when a senior brings some "stuff" it adds a little interest both to the photos and to the photo shoot. I get to try some new poses and add some variety. Like, with Chris here.
Chris not only plays Lacrosse, but wake boards, and plays guitar as well. I got to show a few different sides of Chris and get some unique shots. Also tried some unique crops as well! I love how the sun reflects off his hair and the edge of the wake board. In the last, I like how the clouds are reflected off the gloss of his guitar.
Another referral. Yet another great family. Another fun photo shoot. I love my job!

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