Friday, August 08, 2008

Joleen's a Pure Joy!

Fun. Pure fun. Is probably more the word for it. As you can see from the first image, (called a storyboard) Joleen was always laughing and having fun at her senior photo shoot. Especially when she looked at her dad. She just cracked up! She loved taking photos too. All of that makes it more fun for me too. She was willing to try some free styling shooting too. Free styling, I'll explain in a bit, but first a bit about storyboards.
A lot of people have been asking about proofs. Well, since I do online proofing, there are no physical proofs to look at, so there are no real proofs to buy. However, if you want a lot of images, an option is a storyboard, like shown above. Every image is retouched and the whole thing is printed just like a regular photo. Ask about pricing if you are interested in these.
Now.....about free styling. Some people like it, some don't. If you do, it can be really a lot of fun. All it is basically, is posing however you like, and I shoot continuously. Just like you you see in the movies! Joleen was a bit embarrassed at first, but then just had fun with it. And that's how I would describe Joleen....a bit of a free styling spirit and a whole lot of fun!

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