Thursday, August 07, 2008

Another Step Closer

One more senior today, and another step closer to that senior deadline, that for our area is so early. One good thing about an early deadline is we get to do all the senior pictures in the summer, when the weather is so nice. One bad thing is that it can be a bit hot. Lucky for Travis, it was a bit cooler today so he didn't melt to bad in that fabulous sweater he brought. It looks awesome for his senior pictures, but I'm sure he was warm. He was a great sport about it though and I didn't hear one complaint!
Travis and his family were another referral (seeing a trend here?) The plan was to do a few shots with his really good friend that referred him, but Kelly had practice when we scheduled, so we will have to catch up later with her. (Hopefully after that senior deadline - haha) He was able to bring his sister and get a few with her. His mom and sister were great at reflector duty, and I got to hear about Travis's plans for his senior year and beyond. I always love that. I will for sure keep tabs on how you are doing, through Kelly. Best of luck with that scholarship. I have a good feeling about it!

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