Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Ellen and her mom were truly delightful. So nice to talk to, and just really delightful to be around. We really we just lucked out so much today. There was a bit of confusion on the date, but it totally worked out. It was a little bit windy, but (and this is the VERY first time this has happened to me) the wind blew Ellen's hair in the right direction almost every shot. It was a gorgeous morning after a huge thunderstorm last night and another tonight. I'm thinking it was just all meant to be!

Thought I'd show another uncropped and super close crop to show the difference once again (in one and two above). I think if I just shot 20 frames, I could make it into a hundred pictures just by crops and techniques applied to them. So, I'm warning Ellen and have some hard decisions in your future! Especially with some of Ellen's great America's Top Model poses. I think I might have to copy some of Ellen's poses and use it for a posing guide for future senior shoots. You did a great job Ellen and looked fabulous!!

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