Monday, September 22, 2008

This May Be a First

Every single image I liked of Kristin was smiling. I definitely think this is a first for me. She has such a great smile. We tried a grand experiment with Kristin. I have a field, that for the first time, is blanketed with beautiful purple flowers. It also is filled with yellow flowers. However, it was in full sun when Kristin was over. I have pretty much perfected my full sun technique, but on this day it just wasn't meant to be. They turned out okay, but weren't my favorites. I did love the one with some of the flowers from the garden behind her though (shown above).
Kristin was so sweet and probably one of my last seniors for the season, since most of the local high school deadlines are already past, or coming up very soon. I'm already making plans for the class of '10 though and SO excited about some new things I'll be trying and working on in the off season!!

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