Monday, September 22, 2008

A New Look for Casey

Anyone who knows Casey, and hasn't seen him in a while, would know that Casey doesn't look quite the same as in high school. He got contacts and a new haircut. He's still playing his music though, I'm happy to report! And finishing school, and working, and playing in a band, and has an adorable girlfriend who joined him for his shoot. I guess you would say Casey is definitely one busy guy!
However, he did make take some time out for a photo shoot as a favor for his family. Angela has a plan for a family photo wall (or maybe several) that we have been working on pictures for a couple of years now. Since they are in their new house Ange is trying to get some updated pictures and finish up the wall. I am so excited to see the results when it is all finished! I might even have to shoot a few photos, and either put in on my website, or blog about it! It was great catching up with you guys and can't wait to see the final results Ange!

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