Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Cowboy and a Gentleman

Andrew was another one that wanted one picture for the yearbook. But what a gentleman, suffering through the clothing changes, and the few more than one that we took. And he looks great!! So glad we did a few more than one.
Andrew loves bull riding and really loves his cammo hat. Know what? I liked him in his cammo hat too! The second one shown here is one of my favorite from the whole session. Andrew truly was a gentleman and just a really nice guy! I know his mom will be really happy with these photos. Thanks for putting up with me and my camera Andrew.
On another note....I am upgrading equipment and have a new computer, monitor and software. Unfortunately, all this happened in the middle of senior season and gallery second edits are running a little behind. Good new is that your photos will be better than ever! Got to get back to it now! Bye!

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