Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Baby, It's HOT Outside

Yep, the temperature gauge in my car read 98 degrees! But Erin was a trooper. She saw the photos with hoods and wanted to try a few. I loved her adorable hooded jacket. SO, as you can see above....she endured the heat, hood up, zipped up, and we got a great photo. I'm thinking that modeling might be a little harder than the IB program she is currently in. Naaawww, not really. But, Erin is truly smart, beautiful, and talented (she plays the flute in the CO state Honor Band and we did get some flute pics)! It was her mom and I that really endured the heat, because Erin got the shade most of the time. Great job on reflector duty Linette. Hope you didn't get a sunburn, and I hope these wonderful photos were worth it if you did! A capture, of a moment in time, that will last a lifetime. And one that you will really appreciate in the next year when she leaves for college. It was fun guys! Even with the heat! Enjoy!

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irwannovic said...

you a good photo, from my irwan in bali