Monday, July 27, 2009

Cleo and the Owl

This is Alex and Cleo, her new puppy. She is adorable! When we first started Alex's session, we had Cleo by the studio, while we were shooting in the yard. I happened to glance up to the roof. There was one of the three owls that live on our property, eyeing Cleo. Knowing that the owls live here because of all of the bunnies, and thinking that Cleo may look a lot like a bunny to Mr. Owl, we decided to keep Cleo a little closer to us the rest of the session.
So Alex's mom Vicki got quite the workout today. Holding the reflector, carrying props and equipment, all with a puppy tied to her ankle. Her efforts were not in vain! We got some great shots of Alex.......and her puppy!! So cute!
We also had some left over sunflowers from Steph's birthday last weekend. We put them to good use as props for Alex. I love them, and think the first shot here is one of my favorite of the season! You look great Alex and are a great senior model for my business! Thanks!

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