Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Old Favorites and Something New..

Every time I have a session, I try to shoot some of the ones that look good on everyone and the old favorites that everyone likes. However, I also get bored and I try to come up with something new and something a little different for each senior.
Because today was so overcast, we are able to go anywhere on the studio grounds with Jackie. So we tried some fun ones with an umbrella on the front lawn. A few of them turned out so cute. We also did have to battle a little bit of wind. Great for those hair blowing shots, IF it blows the right way. Not so great for the squinting and if it blows the wrong way.
Jackie's mom was right there with the reflector the whole time, remembering even when I did not! And Jackie looked great in all her new clothes for her session. So nice to catch up with you two this morning! Enjoy!

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