Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good thing Jordan Likes Photos...

Good thing Jordan likes photos because we did a lot! Can you see why? She is so pretty and we just kept going. It was so fun!
Jordan is one of my senior models, and it was fun to hear what her and her family have been up to this summer. So, we talked and took pictures. Then, we took some more pictures. It was such a hard decision on what to put up on the blog. She gets an extra photo, for her patience with all the photos, and waiting for the blog, while I sorted through all the good ones.
And, I do have to give some kudos to her mom, for getting her arm workout with the reflector today, and putting up with the heat. Yay Julie! It was great to see you both. Hope you love the photos! Now, I'm off to bed to get some rest before starting all over again tomorrow morning. Good thing I absolutely love my job!

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