Thursday, July 23, 2009

Football, Baseball and Trucks

Travis is all boy, and came with his football, baseball and truck. Like most guys, I think he was not exactly thrilled with having senior pictures taken. But once he realized I wasn't going to put him in any girlie poses. Then, and we talked about school, football, baseball and trucks for a bit, he did a great job at his senior session, and looked awesome. An all american guy!
His mom is one of those referral queens that I have out there. I would not be doing this today if it wasn't for her, and a handful of others, that are always referring fabulous people to me. It was great to catch up with her, and find out what the rest of her family has been up to. I think maybe I should get her a crown for her referral queen status. Then she could wear it in Travis' truck. Now wouldn't that be a picture Karin?! haha.
But seriously, thanks for all the referrals Karin and thanks for a great senior shoot Travis. Once again, I love my job!

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