Sunday, August 30, 2009

Apprehension and insecurities

I always have a bit of apprehension before a shoot. My sister says that's what makes me good, because I care so much, I always want to be sure the photos turn out great for each person.
Lauren and her mom came as a referral (Thanks you Lisa and Maggie!). They had been to my blog, and my website, and loved the pictures. I was truly grateful for all the compliments they threw my way. It meant so much. However, I was really scared at the same time. What if this time they didn't turn out? What if, to put it bluntly....they sucked. There is that same apprehension and insecurity, right before I put that memory card in the computer and I see the images for the first time. What is something went wrong? What if I messed up?
I put in that card today and the insecurities vanished. Lauren is so beautifully photogenic. We had great lighting (well, until we ran out at the end. We were shooting til almost dark...haha). She had great clothes. She brought some fun props (love the books, and if I would have had time I would have put together a story, storyboard with the great book images!). And they didn't! In fact, I'm so excited to show them the gallery. There are loads of great ones. Hard to chose for the blog.
Thank you, Lauren and Denise, for all the compliments, from the bottom of my heart. I don't know if I will ever get over my apprehensions and insecurities, but clients like you certainly make me feel so much better. Hope you love the portraits as much as I do.

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