Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I gotta tell you, I was worried, REALLY worried...

It was SO windy that I thought very few of these images would turn out well. However, Briana was so patient, and we waited for the gusts to pass, and very few of them DIDN'T turn out. I gotta tell you, I was thrilled, because I was worried after shooting for so long that Brianna wouldn't be happy with the results. My worries were all in vain. Woo Hoo!
I do have to hand it to Brianna's mom, who did an awesome job on hair patrol. I knew it drove Brianna a little crazy, but her efforts paid off, and her hair looks great in a lot of them despite the wind. Double Woo Hoo!
Finally, after just rolling in from vacation, Brianna and her mom put together a great senior portrait wardrobe in a day (even when most the day was spent unpacking from the trip)! They brought the favorite of Brianna (the purple tennis shoes...too fun!), the favorite of mom (the teal dress...beautiful!) and a little bit that shows what's important to Brianna (the golf, riding, and tae-kwon-do clothes). Well, really, mom got two outfits, because she also wanted the jean jacket. I wonder if she knew that Brianna's eyes are the exact color of blue denim and that jean jacket shows off her eyes fabulously? Great session Brianna! (Triple Woo Hoo? Or is that a little much? haha)

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