Monday, August 17, 2009

The Total Package

Hannah came to her Senior shoot with the total package. Great eyes. Check. Great Model Moves. Check. Great clothes and makeup. Check. Great Dad doing a stellar job on reflector duty. Check.
Hannah is so bubbly, sweet, fun, and downright adorable. I loved doing her senior portraits! And I loved the portraits. She has some cute ones. She is so comfortable in front of the camera and some of my favorites were where she wasn't looking at the camera. She looks like she is straight out of a magazine ad!
I had to put together a quick storyboard, shown first here. Now the story behind the storyboard... We took a picture. I told her to look off. She looked at her Dad. She laughed like crazy at Dad. Those Dad's are pretty funny, especially when they are on reflector duty. I think the storyboard totally shows Hannah's bubbly personality! Glad we could get it done Hannah!

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