Friday, August 07, 2009

Living Props

Seems like this year everyone has been wanting to bring their dog as a prop. Good thing I love dogs! lol! Lucky was as sweet as can be, but wasn't too, too interested in portraits today. However, we did get a few. I love the interaction one with Matthew and Lucky. So cute!
Matthew's mom and I were also talking about textures, and borders, that can be added to photos so I decided to show her one here. I think the texture on the first one, really fits the feel of the photo. Kind of fun for wallets to give to friends. Not your normal senior picture, fo' sure. But Matthew did get a couple of the "typical" next to the tree too.
A special thanks to Matthew's mom who has been awesome for my business over the years referring lots of people! Also, to Matthew's friends Lindsey and Stu who were so patient and helped out with Matthew's senior photos. You guys are great!!

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