Saturday, August 08, 2009

Dressed for Success...

Success for her seniors portraits that is! Carly came with some of the greatest outfits ever. For those of you who have read my tips sheet, you know I recommend solid colors in long sleeves. Well, Carly had some of those. But, I also say to bring something fun, and that you really like. And, Carly had lots of those! I loved some of her vintage and high style fashion clothing.
Her, and her mom, also make new jewelry out of vintage pieces, so she had some really cool jewelry too. Finally, as a fan of America's Top Model, she also came with some moves as well as the clothes and jewelry.
What a time we had shooting in some new spots and some old. With her mom being a trooper with the reflector, and Carly wading though bushes, brambles, and barefoot through rocks. I think it was worth all that effort! Great shoot!

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