Monday, August 10, 2009

Baseball Season

Maybe it's fitting that I get a bunch of baseball players during baseball season. Riley is hoping to play in college. I didn't show any of his baseball photos because I'm going to save those for his gallery when it goes up. But, he looks great in all his photos! His mom said at the beginning of his session that he photographed well and she was right.
I did show another texture one, because everyone liked the last one so well of Matthew. Hope Riley likes it too. And, a black and white one because his mom said she likes black and white.
It was so nice to meet Riley and his mom. Another great kid and another great mom. I have had the absolute best clients this summer!!
Now, I need to get back to work to get all these clients photos ready for the yearbook! School starts tomorrow for most of them! Have a great senior year Riley and the rest of the seniors from this summer!

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