Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lizzy is Busy!!

Yes, Lizzy is VERY Busy! Let me see if I can even remember everything she does...gymnastics, diving, skiing, yearbook staff, debutante, of course dog owner (as you can see!). AND, she just did some auditions for some acting. Now, I know I forgot something, but not sure what. What I do know, is that we had a great time at her senior session talking about everything she does and laughing a lot. She is so much fun! I didn't even get to include the laughing out loud images, because I liked so many others. She will get to see those in her full gallery, that will be up soon!
A special thank you to Cindy who helps with reflector and proofing. She proofed some of these and was a great help during Lizzy's session. It was great to meet you Lizzy! I hope to see you on the slopes at Winter Park this winter!!

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