Thursday, October 29, 2009

Proofing Partners

Well, truth be told, Lacey wasn't a very good proofing partner in the literal sense of the phrase. The lack of thumbs makes it pretty hard to navigate a mouse, or a keyboard, and be truly effective. She could also screw things up pretty good, when she would put a paw at just the right place on the power strip, effectively shutting down everything I was working on. However, what she lacked in actual ability to proof, she made up for in total commitment and adoration toward me.
Good day, bad days, her devotion was substantial and unflinching. She was my constant shadow, even in total darkness. In fact, I always had to be careful not to trip on her in the dark! My tireless and totally forgiving companion.
I didn't expect the void in my days now. How can someone who couldn't talk (and didn't even bark much), leave it SO quiet and lonely once they are gone?
At the end of a summer of shooting seniors, including seven with dogs, two with horses, and one with a cat, I was in no way expecting to lose my own friend when it was over. But, last week, we lost Lacey to a liver and spleen tumor. No one saw it coming. She was only seven. She showed no signs, until about two weeks ago, when she quit eating.
A few trips to the vet, and an ultra sound later, we knew why. The night of the ultrasound, she died quietly in her sleep. At home. As is should be.
She was a fabulous dog, and will be missed by many, but she will be especially missed by me. I take comfort in the fact that, like the movie proclaims....All Dogs Go to Heaven. Lacey is most definitely there now.
Love and miss you Lace.

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