Friday, November 06, 2009

Small, Small, World...

So, I know Peyton's mom waaayyy back from high school. I haven't seen her since shortly after college. My friend Bonnie knows Peyton, and her mom, from their girls both winning titles, in their respective age groups, in a pageant. I know Bonnie from both our girls dancing together. Got all that? Well Facebook brought us all together, to do Peyton's portraits for another pageant! Small, small, world and soooo much fun. I wish we would have scheduled another hour for Peyton's shoot, just so the mom's could sit and all talk.
Peyton is adorable! The first photo is in her crown, that she won in the pageant, that Bonnie's daughter Angela won in the older age group. I think every girl needs one of these. So pretty! The second photo is similar to the pose that Angela won Miss Photogenic in at a pageant. The rest are all Peyton. She is so adorable and so much fun. Good Luck at your next pageant Peyton! Thank you for helping Bonnie, you were awesome! So good to see you Dayna and catch up a little! Your daughter is adorable.....I think I said that before....but so true!!

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